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Earn up to 45% commission on SDCourses

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Register for our affiliate program and become part of our mission to promote sustainable development through education. Within 2 business days of registering, your application will be evaluated, and once approved, you will gain access to your unique affiliate account.

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As an affiliate, you’ll have the opportunity to earn commissions by referring individuals and organizations to our diverse selection of sustainability courses. With courses tailored to various interests and skill levels, you can offer valuable learning opportunities to your audience while reaping rewards for your efforts. Access your account to find exclusive affiliate links that can direct traffic to our site and courses.

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Leverage your platform, whether it’s a website, blog, or social media presence, to raise awareness about sustainable development and inspire others to make a positive impact on the world. By introducing people to our exceptional sustainability courses, you can also earn money while making a difference.

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Once someone you’ve referred visits our site for the first time, a browser cookie will record your unique affiliate ID. This cookie will stay valid for 30 days. If the prospect goes on to sign up for an account on our site, they will be associated with your affiliate ID. Afterward, any eligible purchases made by this user, including subscription installments, will be tracked for affiliate commissions.

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Our affiliate program allows commissions for valid purchases of courses, Specializations, and professional certificates, and SDCourses subscriptions.
Yes, and once a user is associated with your affiliate id, you will keep earning commission on any eligible purchases of this individual.
Yes, if the user purchases multiple courses while using your affiliate links or after being associated with your affiliate id.
Yes, you will receive commissions for each eligible product that is purchased through your affiliate links or after being associated with your affiliate id.

When a user first visits our course site, through your affiliate link, we place a cookie in their browser. That information is recorded in the cookie, which lasts for 30 days.

There is currently no payout threshold for affiliates in our program as affiliates earn a substantial amount even with one purchase.
Affiliates are paid on a monthly basis. This means that you will receive your commission payments over purchases of the previous month at the beginning of the next month.
As an affiliate, you can expect excellent support from our team. We are here to assist you with setting up your accounts, troubleshooting any problems you may encounter, and answering any questions you have throughout your journey as an affiliate. Your success is important to us, and we are committed to helping you every step of the way.

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