HR for Sustainable Organizations

A Professional's Guide to Implementing SDGs

Equip yourself with vital ESG knowledge and become the driving force behind sustainable organizational change.

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Chart Your Path to ESG Master

Grasp ESG Fundamentals

Uncover the crucial aspects of ESG principles and their impact on businesses.

Evaluate Organizational Needs

Learn to assess your organization’s ESG maturity and identify areas for growth.

Foster Workforce Development

Understand how to educate and motivate your workforce towards sustainable practices.

Who Is This Course For?

Here's what you'll learn

1.1 — Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
1.2 — The Interconnectedness of the SDGs and the Concept of Sustainability
1.3 — Localizing the SDGs: Applying Global Goals to Local Contexts
Quiz & Writing assignment — Incorporating Sustainable Development Goals into HR Strategy
2.1 — Corporate Social Responsibility versus Sustainability
2.2 — The Significance of the SDGs for Businesses and Organizations in Creating a Sustainable Future
2.3 — Aligning Business Strategies with the SDGs: Opportunities and Benefits
Quiz & Writing Assignment — Reflecting on Corporate Sustainability and SDGs
3.1 — HR Can Help to Support and Embed Sustainability in Businesses
3.2 — HR’s Role in Developing Sustainable HR Policies and Practices
3.3 — Influencing Organizational Culture for Sustainability
Quiz & Written Assignment — Influencing Sustainability in Organizational Culture: An HR Perspective
4.1 — Identifying and Assessing Sustainability Competencies in Candidates
4.2 — Integrating Sustainability Criteria in Job Descriptions and Selection Processes
4.3 — Conducting Sustainability-Focused Interviews and Assessments
Quiz & Writing Assignment — Creating a Job Description for a Sustainability Officer
5.1 — Designing Effective SDG Training Programs for Employee Engagement
5.2 — Communicating the Relevance of SDGs to Employees’ Roles and Responsibilities
5.3 — Empowering Employees for SDG Action: Tools and Resources
5.4 — Case Study Analysis: Embracing SDGs at Unilever
Quiz & Writing assignment — Creating an Effective SDG Training Program: A Step-by-Step Approach
6.1 — Understanding and Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace
6.2 — Employee Well-being and Work-Life Balance for Sustainable Productivity
6.3 — Fostering Collaborative and Supportive Work Environments
Quiz & Writing assignment — Harnessing HR for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Well-being.
7.1 — Selecting Appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for SDG Measurement
7.2 — Data Collection and Reporting for SDG Progress Monitoring
7.3 — Using Metrics to Drive Continuous Improvement and Accountability
Quiz & Writing assignment — HR’s Role in SDG Accountability: The Power of KPIs and Data Collection

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HR for Sustainable Organizations


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