Sustainability Foundations

A sustainable development primer

Be the force behind sustainable organizational change. Equip your team with actionable sustainability skills.

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Your journey to sustainable development expertise

The Essentials of Sustainable Development

Discover the fascinating world of sustainable development and unlock its profound impact on businesses and society. Whether you’re a beginner eager to explore new horizons or someone well-versed in the subject matter, this module will captivate your curiosity and expand your understanding.

Assess Organizational Sustainability

Navigate the path towards organizational sustainability as we equip you with the tools to evaluate your current standing. Regardless of your background, you’ll gain valuable insights to identify areas where growth and improvement are possible. Let’s embark on this transformative assessment together.

Empower Workforce for Sustainability

You will delve learn the art of inspiring and educating your workforce about sustainability. Engaging with this content will empower you to foster a collective commitment to sustainable practices, whether you’re new to the topic or an experienced enthusiast.

Who Is This Course For?

Here's what you'll learn

1.1 — The Concept of Sustainability

1.2 — Principles of Sustainable Development

1.3 — Test your learning

2.1 — Overview of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
2.2 — Deep Dive into each Sustainable Development Goal
2.3 — The interconnectedness of the SDGs
2.4 — Test your learning
3.1 — The Business Case for SDGs
3.2 — Strategies for Businesses and Organizations
3.3 — Test your learning
4.1 — Sustainability Reporting
4.2 — Tools for Measuring Sustainable Development
4.3 — Test your learning
5.1 — Emerging Trends in Sustainability
5.2 — Career Opportunities and Further Studies in Sustainability
5.3 — Test your learning

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Sustainability Foundations


Everything you need to make a strong start and accelerate your career in sustainability.

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